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Looking out your window and seeing the sunlight reflect a myriad of smears and smudges can be a real mood killer. Sitting down with a cup of coffee by the window as you watch the world go by while you take a break should be enjoyed to the fullest, and this includes sparkling clean windows that afford the clean and clean view you want every time you look outside. Our Greensboro window cleaning service team is there for you to be able to enjoy your view how you want, our window cleaning is highly effective and extremely affordable, and will leave you very happy with your new clean windows and completely smudge-free glass.

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At Next Level Restoration, our residential Greensboro window cleaning services are perfect for all types of homes, providing you with the solution to grubby or dirty windows. Our expert team will completely transform the windows of your home and allow you to fully enjoy your view and make your property standout as having the cleanest windows in the neighborhood.

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Having clean windows at a commercial property is essential, not only is it important for your staff to be working in a clean and pleasant environment, but the cleanliness is also vital if you want to make a good impression on potential clients or visitors you may have. Our Greensboro window cleaning team will clean your commercial windows to the highest possible standard, ensuring a great impression on all those who see your building.

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Cleaning windows on multi-story buildings is impossible to do without the right equipment, training, and knowledge, anyone attempting this without such items would be putting themselves in extreme danger. Therefore, it’s always best to hire a professional and reliable company such as ours to do the work for you, and with our water fed pole that can reach up to three stories, we can skillfully clean all types of multi-story buildings without putting anyone at risk.

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Benefits Of Our Window Cleaning in Greensboro NC

Of course, letting anyone into your home to carry out work can constitute various risks, so when you hire a company, you want to know you are in safe hands. A couple of big factors with this is both liability and safety. Well, with our Greensboro window cleaning service, these are factors you never have to worry about.

We are fully licensed and insured for the work we do, therefore, you or your property are never at risk of liability. We also use special equipment such as water fed poles to clean up to three stories offering safety for us and your property. Our methods, equipment, and company are always for your best interests.

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Frequently Asked Greensboro Window Cleaning Services

For us at window cleaning Greensboro NC, we use the traditional methods of a squeegee, and a water fed pole for the higher stories. Despite this seemingly like a basic or ineffective method, we use it precisely because it is so effective, and we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with your results.

Our window cleaning equipment enables us to go as high as three stories, despite being so high we are still able to clean safely and professionally giving you gleaming windows on every floor.

This largely depends on if you live in a location where your windows are more prone to getting dirty, and your own personal preferences. Some people like to have their windows cleaned every six weeks which is quite optimal, others every three months, or others even every week. Only you can decided what you want for your home or business.

The prices we charge for our window cleaning services are based upon the size of the job and the services required. Due to the multiple factors involved, we are not able to provide an accurate or individual price list on our website, rather, we will provide a personalized quote for you after we have spoken so get in touch and we’ll be able to put a quote together for you.

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