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Full home cleanings – Including Roof, siding, and driveway would typically take about two hours for an average sized home (2200 sq. ft.).

Yes! What we see is rust formed from vents, AC units and other metal surfaces high up on your home. Next Level Restoration has a quick and easy process that removes rust from the bottom layer up, and better yet its environmentally friendly!

No! Our business structure was built off being a “Hassle Free” company, we come in, do our job, and get out of your hair!

For most things yes! House washes, roof washes and general things like that we can find the information on google maps, or realtor sites that give us the dimensions to produce an accurate estimate.

Quality, effectiveness, professionalism. The problem with most “Power Washing” companies is they aren’t a company. We carry full insurance, workers comp, vehicle and general liability. We spend thousands and devote tons of hours to training courses and learning everyday to better protect your property and get a better clean result. We want to clean your property and KEEP it clean. Our method is guaranteed for 2 years!

Most pressure washers are shooting water at 4000 PSI, the water is shooting behind your siding and into your attic vents, which the water is staying wet for long periods of time due to no sunlight and high humidity levels, the result of the water being in those places are starting to rot your framing structure of your home. Soft Washing used low pressure and doesn’t get water where it can damage anything!

NO! We will NEVER use pressure on your roof! The Roof cleaning method is all soft washing! We will spray our formula on your roof, and it will start to fight away the algae. Our roof washing formula kills the algae at the root system to ensure that it won’t return anytime soon! This method is the only way shingle manufactures allow the cleaning of your asphalt shingles! Who knows your roof better than the people who made them?

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